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Who Am I? There are some who ask the question, Jewell Booker answers with a soulful ,sultry soliloquy. The essence of her soul is what connects those who listen without

Born and raised in the Virginia area, Jewell migrated reaching international
recognition in South Africa, the Dominican Republic, and the UK. She has used her versatile voice to minister to the people, and as a missionary she further developed the
ability to serve others. Her genuine spirit touches those who resonate with her vibration, taking you to heights that engage your whole being. That is the beauty and
mastery of her music. She allows you the opportunity to feel exactly where she is coming from, and with a mixture of pure, succulent harmony you can project where she
is going.

The songwriter and vocalist has graced the stage with gospel icons like Wess Morgan and Brian Courtney Wilson. Jewell's voice has united forces and shared the stage with
Nigerian psalmist and United Nations Youth Ambassador for World Peace, Sammie Okposo. The discovery of Jewell was not accidental or unforeseen due to the sagacity
of her being named after a delightful and precious stone. Her voice has engaged audiences at Baltimore Center Stage, as the featured soloist in the choir of the show,
The Christians. She also entertained crowds of theater lovers as the Soul Singer for the Lobby Experience of SOUL: The STAX Musical. Jewell, has also been graced with the honor of giving her own rendition of the National Anthem, belting rich tones for politicians, wounded veterans, and for an NBA game.


In June of 2019, Jewell Booker
had her musical gift recognized through one of her greatest personal achievements--having the distinction of composing and performing a version of Deniece Williams' Black Butterfly and James Weldon Johnson's Lift Every Voice and Sing, celebrating the Coretta Scott King 50th anniversary Book Awards, at the Library of Congress in
Washington D.C!

There is more inside the treasure chest named, Jewell. With her soul pouring out into her artistry, she created and hosted her weekly podcast, Real Love: What it is! Her authenticity is revealed when she delves into personal relationships and expresses her pure, authentic faith.


As a motivational speaker and personality, Jewell Booker accepted the assignment that she was gifted. Her name and voice tells her story through her song, giving the world the clarity of her spirit. The depths of her are more than soulful undertones of R&B, jazz, gospel, blues, and go-go, the ambience of her presence is just pure  delight! 


Since Jewell Booker's debut album Love Notes, LIVE which is available on all media platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.), she has tapped into another realm. Her journey of self-discovery uncovered a woman who is not only in love with God, but has embraced the precious gem from within. She is still on a hunt to uncover and discover what else love brings her way. It's evident the lyrical songstress is uncovering her very own heart through the music of Love Sick 2020, her debut R&B/Soul album (also available everywhere).  There is no limit to what she may bring to light.

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